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Post Week

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It’s been a good week for Post and Letters, and Post Letters! We’re busy planning an action camp for a festival later this year (watch this space). We met with the Royal Academy to discuss their forthcoming exhibition about Van Gogh and his letters (it’s the first show since 1968 to bring so many of his letters to London, and the curatorial team are going to show us how his letters relate, correlate and correspond to his art). We corresponded with the amazing poet, David Morley (whose poetry books we all urge you to read), about the possibility of some writing from him (will say no more for now, but it’s very exciting). And after work today, Philip is meeting with Jonah at the British Library to discuss an e-learning project they’re doing with secondary school kids on how to campaign using letters. So it’s Post A-go-go. Keep writing your letters. We need to fill the hands of our postmen and women with beautiful, loving, complex letters and objects.


What’s The Collective Noun For A Group Of Letterboxes?

In Post in the World on March 27, 2009 at 11:21 am

aerial-view-of-letterboxes1A collection? A gossip? A huddle? A city? A babel? Comment with your own collective noun!

Write Two Letters For Me

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The Dancing Man from Letterfrack

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The Price of Post

In Letter Writing, Post History, Post in the World on March 24, 2009 at 10:57 am

Post Letters! is about making the objects that post carriers deliver more beautiful or more interesting. So why not sign up now for the Royal Mail’s new Matter. It’s free post in a box. OK – so it’s a glamourised way of advertising – but it ticks all the postal boxes. Better than Matter, perhaps, but not free, is The Thing Quarterly – the periodical that is a four-yearly object sent to your door. I love the Thing and I want Post Letters! to set up the UK version. I wonder if Thing would be interested?


Of more postal weight, the letter as campaigning device is cropping up more and more. Look at Ken Lawrence’s collection of postal memorabilia (if that’s the right word) from the Concentration Camps. To counter Holocaust deniers’ claims, Lawrence painstakingly built a collection of letters, postcards, postal documents, leaflets and other materials over a 30 year period. It “includes rare letters from concentration camp inmates, postal documents illustrating Nazi activities and a Hebrew scripture re-used by a German soldier as a parcel wrapper” (pictured).

Postal Bag

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A replica of the postal bags used in the United States over 100 years ago.


The Art of Post

In Post Art on March 21, 2009 at 2:52 pm

Wandering around London, I sometimes come across post in art or the art of posting. Like this picture by Peter Doig at Tate’s recent retrospective. Called Hitch Hiker and painted at the end of the eighties, the label describes its medium as “Oil on Postal Bags” and up-close you can see them too. Gorgeousness.


Then there’s Oswald by Gerhard Richter (on at the National Portrait Gallery at the moment). I don’t think it’s meant to be of a postman delivering a letter, but it looks like it could be. (In fact, the Oswald could refer to Lee Harvey Oswald – but ambiguity is something Richter cherishes.)


Visible Mail

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visible-mailMore on visible post

Postman’s Dream

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There are many ways to write a letter, many places to write letters in. There are a good number of projects set up by enthusiastic people trying to promote the letter. Post Letters! knows the irony of its birth. (Yes, we just added the exclamation mark. We think it’s appropriate.) Post Letters! is both a description of our times and a call to action, using web 2.0 technology to promote pre-web activity. In many ways, the internet is post. iPhones are really just iPost. Even as I type, I can see to my left a button that says New Post. Email programmes have been singing You’ve Got Mail for years. In many ways, we’re Peri Letters! Always in between. A letter certainly is. A letter exists best when it’s just been sealed and is about to be opened.

Anyway, in other news – Post Letters! is looking for at least three real-life postmen or women who want to write about being postpeople. Email us. Also, we’ve just fallen in love again. This time – with the Letter Writers’ Alliance. Plus, you can download your own envelope.

A Letter Writing Party

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