Posting People and other ideas

In Letter Writing, Philosophy of Post, Post in the World, Post Moment on March 11, 2009 at 4:10 pm

James Abrams tested a loophole in the legislation regarding what can and what can’t be posted. Human remains are banned – we might say, quite rightly. But what about a living human? Can you post a person? To raise money for charity, Abrams posted himself to 60 post offices around the UK, dressed as a parcel.  Seven weeks he was bundled into Royal Mail vans and on to motorbikes! (Note also: you can post bees, you can’t post loose Christmas crackers.)

In other news, I’m still so excited about the Douceurs project – which allows you to send post to your future. What I particularly like about this project, is how it is grounded in community and letter writers as people. Do have a good look at the research work undertaken by Lauren Currie – there’s everything from working with older letter writers in Dundee to letting go red balloons in Edinburgh.

More ideas for Post Letters in the future – I’d like to hold a salon-style get-together of like-minded posties. It would probably be in London to begin with – request to receive free post and say if you’re keen to come along. I’d also like to collate Poems in the Post – an ongoing series of poems that feature postmen, letters and all things stamp. There’s  plenty out there, but I’m keen to get permission from the poets to feature them – so this may take a while. I have dreams of a post sculpture – a room, a vast room!, full of translucent thread falling from the ceiling with envelopes attached to them. Get people to write letters and fill the envelopes. I don’t know why that image is so compelling for me. If you’d like  a piece of free post, I’m taking names and addresses.

I don’t know why, but Post makes me very happy. I have this sneaky suspicion that it could make society happier in general, too. (So why not send post to yourself?)


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