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In Post Art, Post in the World, Post Moment on March 13, 2009 at 10:37 am

bukowskiO there’s lots of books to read! And lots with post people and letters in too. Try Charles Bukowski’s Post Office. Or the new translation of Stefan Zweig’s The Post Office Girl. Or you might want a bit of Post Theory – so go for Jacques Derrida’s The Post Card or Relays: Literature as An Epoch of the Postal System by Bernhard Seigart. For a lighthearted, more child-like mail moment, try The Jolly Postman (Or Other People’s Letters) – by the Great Ahlbergs. And if you need a break from reading, watch a film – Michael Radford’s Il Postino, for example, with the charming postman Mario Ruoppolo who delivers letters to Pablo Neruda. All this sitting down though – you’ll need a walk. If you’re in or near London, pop down to Victoria area and wander over Artwise’s new curated piece, Fragile. According to the blurb, Fragile “celebrates the tradition of postal communication and considers the nature of letter writing and the permanence of the written word, all of which is examined in these films through the depiction of letters and packages being treated and handled in different ways – at times abstractly, at others literally”. It does this very successfully.


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