Postman’s Dream

In Philosophy of Post, Post in the World, Post Moment on March 21, 2009 at 1:43 pm

There are many ways to write a letter, many places to write letters in. There are a good number of projects set up by enthusiastic people trying to promote the letter. Post Letters! knows the irony of its birth. (Yes, we just added the exclamation mark. We think it’s appropriate.) Post Letters! is both a description of our times and a call to action, using web 2.0 technology to promote pre-web activity. In many ways, the internet is post. iPhones are really just iPost. Even as I type, I can see to my left a button that says New Post. Email programmes have been singing You’ve Got Mail for years. In many ways, we’re Peri Letters! Always in between. A letter certainly is. A letter exists best when it’s just been sealed and is about to be opened.

Anyway, in other news – Post Letters! is looking for at least three real-life postmen or women who want to write about being postpeople. Email us. Also, we’ve just fallen in love again. This time – with the Letter Writers’ Alliance. Plus, you can download your own envelope.


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