Post Letters! is environmentally friendly

In Post in the World on June 30, 2009 at 4:14 pm

There is a concern, of course, that encouraging the posting of letters is, in the long term, bad for the environment. But Post Letters!‘s philosophy is simple. Only 10% of current post sent through the UK is for anything personal. The rest is direct, or junk, mail. So we think direct mail should be cut down and personal letter writing increased to meet the gap (so as not to make any more job losses for our friends the postmen and women). That way everyone’s happier, postpeople are still in jobs and we all get more post!

Read comment on the UK’s postal service crisis.

And rest at ease with this slide show of postcards.

  1. something I like to do to help out even more is make my own envelopes out of newspaper. The process is really easy and most importantly its environmentally friendly. All you have to do is take an old envelope and unfold it to use as a tracing template. I find it best to make the envelopes with at least two layers and avoid using too much glue to ensure that the newsprint doesn’t wrinkle. Always let the envelope dry for at least ten minutes after you have put it together before you begin doing anything else so that it won’t get soggy. After that you can decorate it and send it off! :]

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