About Post Letters

Join the campaign to promote letter writing! We promote letter writing as a pleasure that improves you, the community and the whole world. We use Web 2.0 technology to encourage pre-Web activity.

Post Letters is a UK-based, worldwide movement to encourage, promote and take delight in the activity of writing letters and sending post. Both a call to action and a description of our time, Post Letters needs your help.

We bring people together to think about Post in the Twenty First Century, organise letter readings and writings, present you with new ideas for your post, commission artists and writers to produce new mail art, produce Post Events and much more besides.

Tired of boring post? For £12 a year (if you’re based in the UK) or £20 a year (if you’re based outside of the UK), we will send you three gorgeous pieces of post. Simply send an email to Philip at post.more.letters @ and we’ll tell you everything you need to know. Find out more

  1. What a brilliant idea. Letter writing was in its prime when other communication methods were not available. That doesn’t mean that they are still not significant and much appreciated. Who hasn’t watched the postperson (how PC am I?) trudge up the street weighed down by a heavy bag of mail one of which may be that long awaited letter.

    Apparently, according to, the record for the longest letter was established in 1952, during the Korean War. A lady in Brooklyn, New York, wrote to her boyfriend, a private in the U.S. Army, serving in Korea. Instead of using regular writing paper, this ingenious lady used the narrow tape that is found on adding machines, 3,200 feet of it! The letter took her one month to write.

    The shortest must go to Mark Twain. An English newspaper had just published a review of his latest book and commented that he was such a successful writer that he earned £1 a word. A group of waggish university students sent him a letter saying” Please find enclosed a pound, could you send us a word. A letter duly arrived from Mr Twain and on the middle of the sheet of paper was the single word ‘Thanks’.

    Let’s rejuvenate the beauty and art of letter writing.

    Start today.

  2. Hoorah indeed! Inboxes are always too full and it’s such a delight to find an email that is from someone I want to hear from, but it’s just not the same as finding a letter amongst the bills and junk mail. It’s not the same as knowing someone’s applied ink to paper and spent 26p for me. (Also a big fan of the postcard – perhaps a subcampaign…)

  3. You might call this the anti-Twitter; it could encourage people to count pages not characters, and consign “OMG” and “BF” to the dustbin of history.

  4. Ever since I was a child on summer holidays with grandparents in Spain, away from my mother and father, I’ve looked upon the postman as the deliverer of exciting tidings and the provider of warm, lovely feelings, and still today in an office environment I come in to work EVERY morning sure that something so mindblowing, so amazing, so delightful, and so surprising will be there in my post. Sometimes there is.

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