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Snail Mail: Creative Letter Writing Workshop

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What happens when we stop texting, emailing and instant messaging and pick up a pen and paper? Led by poet Miriam Nash, the Snail Mail workshop explores letter writing as a form of creative writing, opening new and unexpected doors to creativity.

Saturday 28 November 11am – 1pm

Foyles bookshop, 113-119 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0EB

Price: £10/£6

Book online


Tucker Nichols Day

In Letter Writing, Post Art on August 25, 2009 at 9:36 am

publications_postcardsO, how I want to be able to look inside this book by Tucker Nichols! I can’t but when I can I shall jump for postcard joy.

Meanwhile, if you have a dream about your dad being turned into a tray of things – and he wants to push himself off the table because he doesn’t want to be a tray of things anymore – or if you have any such dream that wakes you up and makes you cry!, I think the best idea is to write someone a postcard about it. A dreamy postcard! When we go on holiday we send postcards, so why not when we go on dream? Perhaps there should be a Postcard Dreams service – a national deposit for all our night posts.

Anonymous Postcard

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anonpostThe luscious Tucker Nichols has created a project that we approve of very much here at Post Letters! We love Tucker’s work, so please visit his site too.

Go see Anonymous Postcard – a project that enables you to communicate via a third party

Go see Tucker Nichols’ website

Unusual Greeting Card Sentiment by Brian McMullen

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The Difficulty of Post

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I am finding it really hard to write letters at the moment, as well as posts for this blog, and all the while the London postal workers are on strike . Perhaps there’s a huge vortex of entropic postal anti-energy swirling around.

When I do send letters, I feel great. I know they won’t arrive just yet (so there’s that time between sending and receiving when you can be happy knowing someone will receive something they didn’t know they would get) and I know when they will arrive, they will be a surprise. A disturbance of the day. Something to remember! To Hold In Your Hands!

So it’s about a feeling, then. But if we know what makes us feel great (sending post to people), why are we so stalled writing letters at the moment? Why are our postal workers on strike but no one’s reporting it in the press? Why do they have to strike in the first place? I think it’s something to do with value. How we value a way of feeling, the nature of surprises.

O, there is such sadness at the heart of Post currently!

Otter Mail by Brian McMullen

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Write a letter to an old teacher

In Letter Writing, Nonsense Letters, Post Action on June 30, 2009 at 4:05 pm

Write a letter to the man in the corner shop.
Write a letter to the postman.
Write a letter to an abstract concept.
Write a letter to someone you will make friends with but haven’t met yet.
Write a letter to the popcorn machine at the cinema.
Write a letter to your first memory.
Write a letter in aid of charity or to save someone’s life.
Write a letter for the sheer loving hell of it.
Write a letter to your firstborn, or to someone else’s firstborn.
Write a letter in the style of a new dance craze.
Write a letter that adds up to a hundred.
Write a letter on a bus.
Write a letter to Miranda July (PO Box 26596, Los Angeles, CA 90026 USA)
Write a letter to the kitchen sink.
Write a letter sitting in the kitchen sink (name that book).
Write a letter to the moon.
Write a letter to grandma!

Brixton Beach

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198.11A delicious new exhibition has opened at 198 – Contemporary Arts and Learning in Brixton. Here’s some of the blurb:

Collages from this same series are the detritus of letter writing. In these, anxiety is represented by images of dogs or monkeys. Yellowed endpapers, the fragmentary marks of handwriting, stamps and postmarks are all signs of absence.

We Sang In This Envelope

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wesanginthisenvelope (417 x 577)The first ever Post Letters! mail party was held – we delivered about 50 pieces of new post to eager receivers of mail. In many, we simply sang in to the envelope – and told you so. If you received yours, please do what one lovely mailee did – and write on it, in turn, and send it on to someone else. Or, if not that, be encouraged by your newfound piece of post, and send something of your own on to someone else – someone you’ve not written to in a long while.

Address Your Letters Plainly

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