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Address Your Letters Plainly

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A Letter About A Bomb

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(Mr) Kazuo Ishiguro’s letter to Granta

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Post and Ghosts

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Written Kisses Never Arrive

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The Price of Post

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Post Letters! is about making the objects that post carriers deliver more beautiful or more interesting. So why not sign up now for the Royal Mail’s new Matter. It’s free post in a box. OK – so it’s a glamourised way of advertising – but it ticks all the postal boxes. Better than Matter, perhaps, but not free, is The Thing Quarterly – the periodical that is a four-yearly object sent to your door. I love the Thing and I want Post Letters! to set up the UK version. I wonder if Thing would be interested?


Of more postal weight, the letter as campaigning device is cropping up more and more. Look at Ken Lawrence’s collection of postal memorabilia (if that’s the right word) from the Concentration Camps. To counter Holocaust deniers’ claims, Lawrence painstakingly built a collection of letters, postcards, postal documents, leaflets and other materials over a 30 year period. It “includes rare letters from concentration camp inmates, postal documents illustrating Nazi activities and a Hebrew scripture re-used by a German soldier as a parcel wrapper” (pictured).

Letters from Joseph Cornell

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Loving Letters

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Thanks to brilliant writer Julia Bell (if you haven’t read Dirty Work, I demand you purchase it this instant!) for linking to Post Letters from her blog, Culture Cringe. And thanks to lots of you for writing in to Post Letters and leaving your name and address for free post! We will write back to you, we promise. (And you can be Posted anywhere in the world.)

Meanwhile, this weekend, I visited Raven Row’s new exhibition of Ray Johnson’s mail art. Ray Johnson founded the mail art movement – which involved asking his recipients to add to his work and return through the post. He set up the New York Correspondence School – a conflation of the New York Schools of art and poetry in the 60s and Correspondence Schools. Hush for now, but there will be more on the brilliant Raven Row soon from a Post Letters reviewer.

The exhibition reminded me of my love for all things Joseph Cornell, though – as he’s clearly an influence on Ray Johnson. (Here’s a letter Ray sent Joseph, rather lovely – hints at another letter, in which he enclosed white feathers.) Cornell produced his boxes almost like love letters for people. He famously sent one to Audrey Hepburn, but she promptly sent it back. I’d forgotten, but I once wrote a paper for a Joseph Cornell conference about his letters to Marianne Moore. It didn’t feature, though, (rightly so) in the final book. It was a bit too woolly – but I was captivated by a letter Cornell sent to Moore in which he enclosed blank sheets of Japan Paper Company writing paper. It seems such a great thing to do – send someone the means to write letters.

Meanwhile, why not send your old love letters to The Leaving and the Left?

British Parcels Post – Sorting Parcels for Foreign Mail

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